It has been 13 days since I got away, got tested, got on PEP or anti-HIV meds and well, waiting for my death sentence. Since I\’m an escort, I can\’t be raped, since the cops said girls like that get what they deserve, no big humans involved. One laffed when he said girls like that, being raped, is like someone in any other job, getting a bonus, now just work out the money. And then these fuckers laff.
I was sent to a client for an over night….money was like…really good. The screener was someone new but i didn’t think much of it. I texted the client, asking what time he wants me to come over and he is all, any time, he is home and waiting. I get there, nice ass house in an uber rich area, so I relax and I’m thinking this will be a nice fun night. He lets me in and tells me to go to the living room and he will bring some drinks. I just ask for a bottle of water, since I don’t trust guys. He does and then says we are going to a party and can we have a quickie…ok…been there..done that. He starts doing his thing when I can smell that smell…he is smoking meth at the same time. I kinda start to try to get up but he pushes me back down and laffs. That is when his 2 friends come in and join in. I was the main attraction for their pnp party. From Thurs night to Sat morning, all they did was hit and use me…but i finally got out of there…and now…waiting for the news that I’m going to die.
A weird thing is in a way…I’m kinda hoping I’m positive, so I can just have the excuse to die…since I’m sick of living…but then a part of me, kinda hoping I’m negative cuz I do hope life has more good things for me..not just a little bit of good with a mountain of bad…a little good…a mountain of bad. IDK…I just want everything to be over.

  1. bridgie101 6 years ago

    What country are you in? Rape is rape in New Zealand, I’m confused by the Police reaction. Mind you prostitution is legal here so prostitutes can stand up for their rights.

    I hope you’re okay and come out alright. Have to say escorting is a young woman’s game and doesn’t have a long career span at any high level – have you got any other plans on your mind, studying for anything? I recommend studying finance. Far out. How to get rich 101.

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  2. delane 6 years ago

    ***HUGS*** My heart goes out to you!!!!
    Please, take care of yourself and let someone know what happened, that can do something to help you!!!!

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  3. telknit23 6 years ago

    It’s disgusting the way people think they get to decide whether you can be raped. That’s like telling a construction worker that falling and breaking their leg isn’t a “real” accident because, after all, they were up on the roof! I hope all your tests are negative and you find a way to make a better life for yourself. Maybe some counseling would help?

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  4. Author
    ChelseaH 6 years ago

    Thank you… having support means a lot. The cops I talked with, I was asking like I was just wondering…they assumed it was for school or curiosity…so I didn’t try to file a report. When I went to the clinic, the Dr knew what i was talking about…said the cops in my area, unless I’m like 7 years old or something, they just blow it off. There is a therapist at the clinic I am supposed to talk with cuz of the meds…idk…she is nice and all that…but just seems judgmental..hard to open up and talk.

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