ok , am I the only one, who trips out on traveling? Finding the restroom first? Not noticing anything until I find it? Just walking hoping I find it before I have an accident? Hoping not to be noticed by others? Not knowing whether to be happy or sad when I lose weight or gain it for that metter? Constant yeast infections? Also suffering from copd , thus having thrush in my mouth all the time? Having a hard time buying meds? Getting po'ed at patient assistance because they dont send meds on time? I should be happy I get some free instead of bitching because they are late. ??? Anyone else out there? Cannot drink a cup of coffee with friends without having the runs?? Geez. I just get sick of it. Headaches are awful. Generally feeling like t total crap. Get on a plane & I dont care anything about anything except the toilet????? Trying to live here…. Being with my kids as much as possible & my siblings & parents. I had a mild case of pnemonia not long ago. Is that gonna be what gets me? I bought all my burial stuff , so kids dont have to. Got the whole funereal planned. Anyone else? Am I losing my mind?   Then to top all of that off , hoping I dont get pg again???? 17 years ago, I thought I was the top shit. Stripping in the big clubs, sought by movie producers, sleeping with people I thought could get me legit roles? Doing the best "shit" , I could get in my nose or arm. Man, was I an idiot. Anna Nicole my heroine???? Please, why wasn't there people out there then telling others about  where that could lead? Or did I just ignore it? It's embarrassing to even go to  the dentist anymore. I need a bottom tooth gone & dont wanna have to deal with the dentist again.~Peace, 

  1. shanna71 14 years ago

    lol piks 7275 . I'm glad I'm not the only one. That is the worst for me, the diarrhea. Plus the fact I hate the meds for it, lol.

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  2. shanna71 14 years ago


     You are a guy though lol. I am not showing my naked azz anymore!!!!!! LOL. I will hold my azz while asking where the rest room is. Kind of like Cheech in up in smoke! LMAO! ICE CREAM!!!! lol 

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