I once philosophised that Confucius had once told me that "mean people suck," however, I only later realized that it was taught to me via a witty messaged t-shirt.  So stark in contrast with its' large white lettering overlapping the black dyed cotton.  Personally, I am a firm believer in the tired cliche and epic melee that is "heaven on earth" versus "hell on earth."  In this, I can choose to be Jesus or, if I am feeling frisky, I can also choose to be Lucifer.

Sin City… What can one possibly say about Sin City that hasn't already been "cliched?"  With this continuous lightening storm that ceaselessly pursues me, I have learned that offerings to the "Gambling God" more often than not go unheeded as this "god of wrath," without fail, "habitually" hands me out "beatdowns" similarly to how a priest distributes the "body of christ."  The major variant between the clergy and gambling is the cold hard fact that I'm only allowed once piece of Jesus per service, even if I am famished.  With gambling, I receive routine, merciless "beatdowns" that accrue into the trillions.  I love you Jesus!  The teachings of patience and vacuity!

I feel as though this societal construct, otherwise known as "adulthood", is a mechanism of the capitalist beast that has been fostered and "doted" within each of us as valued consumers of the system.  Responsibility this and bills that…  Maybe we have been led astray into territory previously uncharted and blinded by it's gaudy knick-knacks?  Maybe I should just buy a "saxa-ma-phone" and become a recluse tied with reckless abandon into my discontent?  Or is that "buying" into what our culture deems necessary to sustain human life?  There must be a better way….  Maybe I should listen intently to mom as well.

In yesteryear, I could have sworn to "cheebas" that I had also been abducted by aliens.  Implants, tracking devices, vaporizing rays and all.  As if in a nightmare, I realized I was just at a really bad, really really bad, techno party.  That was the punctilious moment when an epiphany had complete fulmination deep inside my synapses, forging the being you now are corresponding with electronically via that nifty communication tool, the "innanet."

In summation of my aimless wandering, meandering, and pandering on Craigs List, its bland nature and witty "characters" are a welcome escape from myspace pages that make me want to punch babies.  Although, I must admit that I have a somewhat unhealthy obsession with "the best of."  Where else can one locate an ad to become a nemesis?  Why the pearly white zeros and ones of "Craigs List!"  I think it's spelled 01010100011101001010101 but I can't be entirely sure as I've left some cerebral leavings behind in Romania somewhere.  Initially I had thought I had entrusted these priceless artifacts with a local townsman, but later learned a Sherpa braved Everest and disposed of them in the proper, environmentally correct fashion.  The "sheep" are ceaselessly pursuing a higher existence of "Green" ad infinitum. (or ad nauseum, which, the former or the latter, is relatively questionable… or maybe questionably relative)  At any rate, I love rainbows and puppies.  I should concoct "the" definitive and infinity all encompassing foundation for rainbows and puppies.  No mortal should ever hurt or inappropriately fondle a rainbow.  I will allow them to run on leashes with the canines in the back yard.  A utopia of sorts…

I truly and earnestly believe that "grinding" is for axes, as in " I have an axe to grind with you" or "I need to grind this axe blade down." (Literally).  However, I now see it applied directly to the "Working American" class.  Understandably, they don't call "work" "super happy fun time," however, couldn't the Einsteins who dreamt up this forced slavery come up with a more clever moniker?  How about "Free Money" or just "$$"….?  Currently, and quite despondently, I employ myself as a general "IT-ist" for a minute software company based in Downtown Crossing.  Unluckily, I have been caged into the IT field for many a year now so my understanding of relational databases and SQL queries is a necessary evil.  Fulfilling it is, to single handedly crash a site and dock the company a few hundred thousand dollars.  Viva La Revolution!  Raging against the machine!  Fur is murder!  Take that!  Hiya!




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