Some people just need help. I mean…it’s one thing if you can look at yourself and recognise you need help, but it’s quite another if you’re just nasty and rude and everything about your behaviour is totally uncalled for and you completely think you’re in the right over and over and nothing will ever change.  I can’t sympathise with those types. [br][br]So I do English tuition on the weekends, and I got this prospective student, a 17-year-old girl who said she was studying ‘Hamlet’ and needed history tuition?? I kept explaining to her that it’s not about history, it’s about reading other books about the text so you can learn the context from that and quote references in your essay, etc.  Anyway, she insisted on communicating via e-mail, so she just keeps e-mailing me back and forth, back and forth all week with no indication that she’s going to hire me.  She asks the price, and I tell her, and I say, because it’s hard for her to get to my house, I would go to hers and I wouldn’t charge her any more despite the cost of the petrol for us.  [br][br]Then she keeps challenging me, telling me things like, ‘You don’t sound like you’re very good with reading as with language, is this right?’ and I’m like…what a way to word that!  Anyway, I’d barely said anything to her, so I don’t know how she got this idea into her head.  Then, along with that e-mail, she sends another with some writing she’s done and says, ‘Here is my homework this week, correct my writing, you can just leave your comments in red font.’ I’m like…no.  Why am I going to fix your homework for you, when I’m not even your tutor?  Even if I WERE, I wouldn’t go about it that way.  It was just so utterly rude, am I right in this?  So I replied to her explaining this, explaining that I found it disrespectful and I didn’t think it was a good attitude to take toward her own personal development or toward me, and I felt she should look elsewhere for tuition. [br][br]So she replies telling me off, telling me it was a test and I failed.  She was testing me to see if I cared more about money than about students’ welfare, and apparently she’s done this test on many other tutors.  I’m like…seriously, excuse me?? And the way she wrote it, it sounded like a study being conducted, though her writing was so atrocious I couldn’t work out who she’d be working for.  Anyway, I replied informing her that she’d really wasted my time and gained no information from any of her ‘test’ and that I planned to report her to the tutoring agency because she was talking like she was posing as a fake student. [br][br]She replied today, almost entirely in caps lock, SHOUTING at me, insulting me every which way, and telling me in the first place I’d been horribly rude to her supposedly for calling her so late at night.  Can someone please tell me how 8.45pm is incredibly late at night??  I mean what kind of a sheltered life does this crazy girl lead, anyway? [br][br]Sorry for rambling about this…I just had to get it out of my system.  I just felt so angry, and then it was compounded by that feeling of ‘no amount of reasoning would ever talk sense into this person because they’re just insane, and really what’s it to do with me?  why should I even care?’ but the feeling is hard to let go of.  I know it’ll vanish in a while, but I just had to get that out for the moment.[br][br]Okay yeah, I feel much better now.  And I\’m obviously thankful that girl didn\’t hire me, because there\’s just no way I could work with someone that difficult and out of this world.  She defiantly told me she\’d hired another tutor, and I\’m thinking yeah, they\’ll find out soon enough, I\’m sure!  I mean, she wants to accuse me of only caring about money, but no, I turned down the chance to get her money because quite genuinely some things, like my own dignity and sanity, are far, far more important.


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