Hello all, Im back, been back a couple days actually. Was an ok trip to visit….got my fill of Vit D so I guess that was enough for me….we were in the 90s everyday and fished 4 outta the 9 days there. But my sister seemed to think I was rich and we did alot of costly things that usually we do not do. But really needed the sun as its been raining , snowed in April and been grey since spring allegedly started. A few days here and there were nice but probably wouldnt total a week if added together. BLAH!

so we had to get dropped off 3hrs prior to take off Thurs nit , because my sister had to work but then the flight was delayed another hour and twenty monutes…5 hrs in he airpot…sucks arse! was a very bumpy flight…..sleepless …to arrive back to being abe to see my breath when I breathe cold and yes rain. As I pulled up to my house my lawn man didnt come cut grass as requested and payed for so it was 8 inches high and then opened my door to smell rotten meat..thought there was a dead animal the smell was HORRIFIC! Looked about a bit to fin dout the fridge went , was running but blowing hot air and the stench of my full freezer full of meat and fridge with the usaull condiments and staples. That all was fermented and just YUCK!!!!! so tired we slept with candles burning fans blowing and blankets overhead.

The next day the neighbor kid cut grass down , not perfect but not 8incheds and on a holiday wkend……Im particular I guess ..not really tho. Used appliance store at corner as a new fridge is $400-500 a bit more than I could shell out right after a vacation. ugh again! SO $150 used white 6 mos warranty and free delivery. cool. It gets here and its too big! WTF! so Im sayin its to big (which Id never say before lol had to break up the tension) hes saying well put on tis wall or do this or buy a new kitchen table etc I say no no its jus to big Ill give ya $50 take it back but Its too big. He says use it and he will find me a smaller one and trade it back when he finds one. I say what if 3 mos and you say its been too long he says no but he is late getting home just use it and he will look for smaller one. and they left. Im in termoil I know Im causing myself some extra drama here people so someone ..please tell me a few things…first can a fridge be plugged in to any outlet or does it have t be the bigger one (I dont know what its called being a girl here but the one with more power) or can you just use 3 prong adapter and plug in. Secpnfd I do not wnat its too fricken big anyway it goes what is the rule or law for taking it back or getting tis guy to do what he says . Am I already screwed. OMG ……Im so frustrated … aggravated ……irritated you name it any one have any words of help or advice …My ears are open. Thank you!

  1. pink68 11 years ago

     I am anxious here and understand what you are saying but I said it s too big take it Id pay them $50 for bringing and taking back but no no just keep until he found one. I said pick up after holidays if they found me one good I could wait a few days but I didnt want that one. Just use until he gets one he said. Sooo now on th eplugs the fridge is a 3 pronger so the plug he says I can plug into is only 2 prongers (holes)(really sounds perverted but not trying to be ..hee hee) so can I er not I know Id need adapter but IDK??? how can i make them get it??Thanks for advice so far ,,,keep it coming please.

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  2. pink68 11 years ago

    ok ….so thank all of you gentlemen ! I am not going to plug in ….hope to get ahold of them tomoro..just worried they just wont pick up or I dont know but  want it same condition they left it to me in. SO now IM without until this is fixed and then on to the next……well at least tomoro should be a better day .

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