Hi Tribers,

I tried to write a group email, but didn't have any success in doing so. So instead of just appearing a lot less frequent, I thought I would post in this manner. I'm just giving a heads up that I've deleted most of my personal information & experiences due to opening a new Business Venture. My Cyber trail is to personal & I regret that I have to be reasonable when becoming a Business Owner in the type of Business I'm beginning. I remember when I lost my Wife & I thought I should go public with my story ( but something kept me from doing so ) Needless to say, I'm really glad that I didn't go public for obvious reasons. I haven't deleted any Friends, but my Longevity will have to remain personal at this time. I'm still there for any friend in need & maybe someone else upon request. I'm sorry that it came to this, but it's the correct thing at this time.

I'm just preparing now so I don't leave any loose ends that could show up later. I think being attached to a Stigma will be detrimental to the type of Business I want to achieve in as being good Business practice. I don't want the stigma to follow me to work. I hope you understand why I came to this decision. My time after September will be limited, but not to someone like us, I'll check in periodically & see how we are doing & if there is anything I can help in.

Being a fellow HIVroes, & dealling with " pissing in the wind " on a daily basis, I'm not giving any shallow minded person any power to affect my Partners in Business. They are Banking on my projected success, & I plan on going tenfold w/ this amazing Life that God has provided me. What a ride this has become, & an amazing opportunity many can only dream about.

I fully expect to continue our Friendships, when I reached out to you or anybody else for that matter that is HIV/AIDS, I did it out of care & compassion for others similar to myself. Especially anyone that came to a road block in their care, housing, food & bills, health/medications or whatever was associated with our condition. I gave great effort for people like us across the country & spoke w/ Agencies, Board of Health or Clinical care that was lacking in any of our States for a good reason. In my Lifetime, many had reached out to me after I was exposed, & my medications & care were provided by a Fund named after a wonderful little boy called Ryan White who passed away from complications from AIDS. I made a promise to God to not only share my condition to anyone that mattered, but to give back when ever it was within my means. That is how I ended up here in Tribe. My brother & Sister asked me why I spent so much time dealing with strangers that I will never meet or know, & I said if you were HIV+ over 30 years, you would know the answer & why.

My days will be long & my nights will be short. But I will make it a practice to check in with Tribe. My visits will be periodic after next month, but I will always make time for any of us. Please wish me luck & may God bless us all who are Diagnosed HIV+or AIDS.

All my best,

ms83poz ((XX))

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  1. ms83poz 8 years ago

    You were my 1st Friend when I joined Tribe, & ever since, Tribe has been in good hands ( as we all know )!! Jen is a wonderful person, God giving like many here. It's home, nothing less!! I will be checking in periodically because this has been my Family for some time.   ((XX))

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