I have returned from my trip to San Francisco and as much as I love the city, I noticed a change. The majority of employees I came across with were simply rude or seemed bothered I would ask for a price on something ~ very poor customer service. A lot more people seemed….angry, impatient, a little snobish. BUT on the bright side, there were A LOT of beautiful people! Very good looking men and women.


Had a HORRIBLE experience the last day of our stay. The shuttle drop my mom and I off at the airport by 8 a.m. and to our dismay, there were delays, we had to be rerouted, had to be transferred to a different airline, had to wait in lines and pass thru the boarding security TWICE! There were soo much more crap that happened but all I'll say is that we ended up home by 10:45 p.m.! It took us ALL FREAKIN DAY to get home! To top it off, our luggage didn't arrive and was rerouted and grounded in Phoenix! We didn't even have a connection flight in Phoenix ~ so how that happened, who the hell knows but I was upset and frustrated. We did get our luggage at 4 pm the following afternoon! UGHHHH!


There was a discussion my mom and I had ~ on our flight to San Francisco, there were two young, lesbian women who were kissing throughout the entire flight. At first I thought that was brave of them but then after a while, I felt….uncomfortable. After we got off the plane, my mom mentioned the same thing. She said there is a time and a place for that kind of affection and I agreed. Eventhough I'm gay, I felt a little uneasy watching these two girls publicly kissing in an airplane. Maybe I'm too conservative but I honestly felt that was totally uncalled for. I guess because public affections between two gay women or two gay men is only something that happens behind closed doors where I live or only in gay bars. Public affection is not done where I live and if it is, a beating usually erupts.


Then on the flight from San Fran to Los Angeles, there were what seemed to be a straight French couple sitting in front of us….and they were all over each other! Eventhough I had no idea what they were talking about, they sounded so cool ~ to me, the French language simply sounds beautiful….I loved listening to them talk but then all the kissing began…and killed it for me.


When my mom and I were finally on the flight home, as we were in line for boarding, I turned to her and said, "If there is another lovey, dovey, kissy, feely couple sitting in front of us, I am going to pop open a vain." She heartedly laughed. Fortunately for us, it was a mother and her young son.


Overall, except for one cold, foggy day, the vacation was wonderful. Walked Golden Gate Park, visited the AIDS Grove, Japanese Tea Garden, rode the trolley and sat on top of a double decker bus, walked The Golden Gate Bridge half way, had breakfast at Fishermans Wharf, lunch in Little Italy and shopped in Chinatown. It was a great trip…..until that damn, horrible last day!


But I'm glad to be back home.


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