I feel that the word “should” can be sadly associated with dread, false obligation, guilt, and even project feelings on people they don’t even feel.

For example, a person can be at a funeral and not be close to the person who passed away.  They could be told by others that they should be feeling sad or even be crying.   Everyone is entitled to feel how they feel because our feelings are valid even if no one else can relate!

I was notified that someone is dying who is toxic person, lives hours away, and isn’t in my life anymore for a reason.   I felt relief more than grief.   A weight is being lifted off my shoulders.

I don’t like being told how I should feel.   I don’t agree with it being okay for anyone to be told how to feel! Feeling are valid! People can invalidate you by trying to denying your right to feel your feelings.   It can lead to to a loss of courage, creativity, anxiety, and can lead to conformity.

Please try to embrace your self worth! You are worth while and lovable!

People who are not supportive of your feelings, hopes and dreams are not worthy of being part of your inner circle!


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