Please just tell me if my artwork is good enough so I can sleep I need to know if I need to keep going or rest I’m going to work on this otherwise till I pass out from lack of sleep every one in the art community treats me like I’m lesser please just tell me if I surpassed any body in need to leave everything behind in the dust to make my art peace better than everyone who ever lived I’ll die if it means I can make this happen I need to out shine everyone and make the world proud

  1. bonitoflakes 2 years ago

    your art actually looks really good, the shading is really nice and you are using a lot of contrast which looks very dramatic and fits the subject matter really well. go to sleep! you need sleep to be productive, you will make better art when you are well rested.

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  2. billiam40 2 years ago

    It looks great and you are undoubtedly very talented. Keep those creative juices flowing!

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  3. soundhaven 2 years ago

    Guttssss!!!!!!! I love it! The struggler black swordsman, fights all the demons and barely survives every time. One of my favorite anti-heros of all time.

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