Hey everyone, long time no talk. Over the last week my anxiety has been pretty bad and I had one total break down day of crying and screaming etc. It's been tough I'm now even dreaming of anxiety attacks and my dreams are usually the place I get away from this kinda thing.

I was at the doctor and he told me that 10mg of lexapro is a baby dose so he could put it up if I wanted but I said I'd try two more weeks as I think to be honest that drinking contributed to my problems. I don't drink every night but I know it's meant to conteract the lexapro so that could be what has happened. I said to him that I would not drink for the next two weeks and see how it goes before I take a higher dosage.

It's annoying not being able to drink though as it's a common "recreational activity" here lol. I'll survive though. I'm not dependent on it.

Right now just applying for social welfare and constantly looking for jobs has me stressed out. I got a reply from someone for a childcare job then realised it was not on a bus route so even if I get offered an interview I can't take it and it was so perfect. Just a couple of hours begining in september which would have really been a great start for me with my anxiety. Dissappointed :(.

On another note, yay Jedward got through to the final on the eurovision, yay Ireland. Okay…. I'll admit Jedward aren't the best musicians Ireland has to offer but they are very fun and cute. Like how they did cartwheels. God the suspense was killing me I thought they hadn't got through. I thought Jedward were actually one of the best tonight anyway putting bias aside, there were alotta crappy acts.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying more positive than me :). xoxo


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