Hello my fellow anxiety suffers, I'm to the point where idk how to explain what I'm feeling anymore. The best way to put it is… I'm not living I'm only existing. Within the last 8 months my life went from graduating h.s starting a new life to back to how my life was when I was 15. It started with getting anxiety attacks only when I smoked marijuana so I quit. Then I got a nasty one one night after working out… Then I lost my license til I'm 21 I'm currently 19:( since I lost my lisence it just has gotten worse. I was having anxiety attacks everyday sometimes twice a day. I've been to the hospital 3 times cause of my attacks. The past few months I've been feeling ALL the physical symptoms of anxiety… The headaches, dizziness, worrying constantly, not being able to get outta bed, the zombie like state, parinoia, no ambition to do a danm thing. This past month has been shit. We lost my moms bf to liver failure and another family memeber has been arrested and is looking at years and years in prison. I'm seeing my mother the strongest woman in the world fall apart. With all the shit my mom has had to deal with her whole adult life makes me not want to make my issues hers. I have a therapist but have only seen.her once cause my mom can't get time off and I can't.drive myself. Idk what to do anymore I went from being so carefree happy loving enjoying life to this scared little girl. I have my whole life ahead of me and I'm just wasting away in my own little f**ked up world. I keep telling myself if drug addicts alcoholics prisoners can rehabilitate why can't I? I realize I need help and I need it fast. I never realized how much your life can revlove around driving and.now.that I legally can't drive I realize how much you need it to do anything. And where I live there is NO reliable bus system. We were looking.into and I was lookin forward to moving but with this recent arrest my life is put pb hold again. I just want a fresh start but it seems .like every time I start to look forward to new start something gets in the way of it… Idk what to do anymore but I'm on the verge of giving.up more than I have. I'm done!!!!!!

  1. anxiety101 9 years ago

    I know how you feel. Amongst other emotions, you feel stuck. I am in the same place in my life too. Freakin stuck. Everytime I try to take a step forward for myself, I get pushed 3 steps back. I feel like giving up too. But we can\'t there is too much to live for,too much you haven\'t experienced yet. And you could not have said it better yourself you have your whole life ahead of you. The good thing is you are still so young honey, so young. Try to do things that help to o

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  2. anxiety101 9 years ago

    ….sorry I was trying to sat find things to occupy yourself as much as possible. I need therapy too. But mine won\'t last long either. In time things will get better. And I am so sorry for the loss and situation with your family. I pray god blesses you all and keeps you strong. I really hope things get better for you soon.take care and God bless.

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  3. charlie22 9 years ago

    Please don\'t ever give up. Find a friend find someone to talk to it will help. you are not a burden to your mom. I am a Mom and I would want you to tell me. Talk to your Mom you both can work thru it together you need each other right now.

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