I'm new to this, but here goes!

Anxiety, agoraphobia and depersonalisation sufferer for 6 months now. As anybody reading this knows, every day is a struggle.

I woke up this morning full of optimism, ready for the day. So refreshing after so long dreading the day ahead.

I didn't allow myself to sleep in. I got up, got dressed and started the day. I gave one dog his meds, and the other his ear drops (we're all in the wars at the minute!) and i turned the radio up and had a good dance!

I care for a young woman with autism, we went for a coffee and then to the park. I can't remember the last time i left the house without my mum or boyfriend.

Of course there is always things fleeting through my mind, but I am slowly learning to talk myself away from the horrible thoughts. I don't avoid them, I talk myself through it and remind myself that it is all infact in my head and I remind myself that I am safe.

Its now a Saturday night, sat in with my mum and the dogs watching TV. I'm off the drink because of my meds but I dont mind, I'm content spending my evenings this way 🙂

I lost my job back in September, and i have my first job interview next week, really scared! Worried that I'll get over anxious on the day, but I'm trying not to worry about it too much.

I'm not sure anyone will read this but its nice to ramble on anyway.

Love xo


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