I am 68 or will be next month.. and in some respects I feel every year of it, and in others I am fine with it. At some juncture we come face to face with  our own mortality and with what time we have remaining on the planet,,I am seeing friends buy mostly celebs cash out in their early 70’s or earlier in some cases  (excluding Keith Richards who will outlive cockroaches ). In my case I remain single at this point of my life, have a few friends laying about, family has all but disappeared at this stage, relatives are rather far away,,, so here I am on my own and dealing with my own conditions myself,, in some ways it is empowering, but in other ways it is  troublesome,,, Obviously on the plus side I do not have to take on someone elses insanity or stupid behavior, and I am free to “walk away”, or in my elderness say what I damn well  think. On the downside is occasional loneliness and not having the social context of assistance and support when I need it ,, For me expectations are only a pathway to disappointment and frustration. I have an expectation that someone will do this or have the courtesy of maintaining a contact and it only falls into a black hole. Does it become enough to create some anger ?? That is an interesting question I am currently dealing with.

People will do what is in their own best interests and much of the time will discount what others go through,, I have had example after example in recent years where this has become all to true and problematic for me, and in many ways I am as guilty as the next guy… Still it is very much an issue of this age and perhaps a very root cause for the epidemic of depression especially with older people and where isolation has become pretty much  the norm and no longer the exception.

Wish there was a simple remedy ..


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  1. delane1 4 years ago

    mycroftt, i hope you can find some of the helpful support here that you need. ***hugs***

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