I’m 13 i have three younger siblings and both mother and father we own a dairy farm and tons of animals for pets and all kinds too. I have OCD,severe anxiety,off and on depression,exspressive aphasia,dyslexia and touch hunger and i have devolped all this from my family i am mentally and emotionally abused by them and they don’t even know it and i love to help people like seriously you got something on your mind message me and i will do my best to try and help it brings me joy to help people also i am a empath and i try to be kind caring and i do not judge and i am open minded and flexible to just about anything at all i can talk with any subject like it was um… saying hi to your friends it is that easy for me and i have a boyfriend he so far is the only one who can help me calm down this site has helped me a lot in finding friends and just venting sometimes although i do not like to vent bc i then feel like i am being selfish and a burden so i usally do not do it and if i do i feel bad because other people have it worse than me i shouldn’t be complaining i love all types of books and movies and music and i love to fish and go crawdad huntin’ and i love to play with my cats and i like to dance for fun but like i am talking freestyle all crazy dancing here lol and i like to sing my boyfriend loves it when i do apparently i am good at it and i like to sleep ofc and i am writing my own book right now and so yeah there is some stuff about me also the kitten in the picture is pumpkin ain’t she a cutie also i like to catch turtles for fun and wade in creeks and ponds and lakes and i hope ya’ll have a wonderful lovely day


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