Anxiety, What can help ease the dull discomfort that some of us endure ceaselessly?

Long walks, Some prescription meds, Meditation, Deep breathing, Relationships/ Strong Social Bonds,
Exercise of many varities, Cannabis(Depends of the Strain, tread catiously, & mindfully)
Questioning one’s internal dialougue, Yelling, Laughter, Punching the shit out of something,

That’s all that comes to mind right now.

What else on the topic of anxiety? Fuck anxiety.

Anxiety is our bodies trying to help us survive in a world gone-by.
Nowadays, anxiety basically has no place, it can be helpful, but if you’re like me….

It’s crippling, paralyzing, limiting & plain bullshitty.
Anxiety, it’s possible to take actions to lessen the effects of it… to combat it.
Write out anxiety invoking situations, describe actions surrounding that specific action, getting farther away from it.

And repeat an anxiety producing action that’s doable, until it’s as easy as giving a friend a high-five.

My experience in Life, I was home-schooled and lived on my family farm until 19,
when I attempted suicide by Stabbing myself in the heart, twice.
I survived.
With a punctured right ventricle, & a collapsed left lung because of the blood the was pooling in my chest cavity.
After recoverying at the Hospital’s Wesson Wing, & was transferred over to APTU “Adult Psychiatric something Unit”
For 30 days I lived on that unit. While there I decided not to go back home, & moved to a town 50 miles away from my hometown.
I was homeless for about 150 days. That transition was a pivotal moment in my life.

So yeah, That’s a little part of my life.
I’m now in the midst of developing myself as I progress day-by-day through my experience of life.
I’ve written over 1,000 pages since my attempt last October, about 500+ hours of writing.

Writing is a passion of mine, I don’t really care if it amounts to anything, because the process of writing is the reward itself.






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