Hi, there fellow humans!

I want us to forget for a few minutes about whatever “LABEL” we have given ourselves.  Labels are just ways to put things in a nice little box.  Guess what?  Nothing fits exactly in a nice little box!  If we must use a label, it should be the same label for all – we are all human.  That is it.  We are amazing beings having a life experience.  That is all.  The lesson for all of us to learn is that we need to look internally for the answers we seek.  Go deep, feel the feelings, what are they telling you?  Then, come back to yourself, and do some research, read a book, talk to a counselor or a therapist.  If your car is broken do you ignore it or bring it to the shop and get it fixed?  Our minds and our wellness is so important to living the best human life.  Find good things to do like exercise, you, meditation, art, whatever activity you enjoy that is positive – do that!  I love where I am and I love helping others get to a higher level of existing naturally.  Enjoy your day and stay beautiful.  I am here if you need me.



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