I wrote about experiencing true jealousy for the first time and what a icky feeling it was. As an author, my vocabulary that I can use, the best word to use is icky. Anyways, I had said that I haven’t gotten the outpouring support from my family when my book came out. When I had a mini celebration nobody even bothered to show up which just sent me into a bad place with more trust issues than I had before. Recently I got the smallest bit of crumb of support that I really needed. My aunt’s mother in law who is seriously a fairy god mother. The sweetest most loving person, my sister and me aren’t her grandkids but she tells people we are anyways. The only person I could consider my grandmother passed away when I was 15 and those who were supposed to be my grandparents had to be removed from life for various reasons.

So my fairy godmother had written me a letter to tell me she had read my book despite not liking to read because it’s not one of her strengths. She read it anyways and wrote to tell me she loved it and she was proud of me. After so much lack of support from other people and acting like I had to prove my career is worth anything. She wasn’t discouraged when I had made the announcement I wanted to be a writer. She supported me and always asked where I was and couldn’t be more excited when I was going to be published. I love her more for writing me a letter as if we don’t live 15 minutes away. That’s something I truly needed. I have to frame it and remind her how grateful I am for her. I don’t trust many people, hardly anyone anymore, but she’s someone I adore.


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