Dear ———-

I know that you are aware that you are a cruel and heartless ——-    It is horrible how you told your son that—————.   It isn’t his responsibility   It was your choice

Also, you are a empty and manipulative poor excuse for a human being.

Now, go back to your online shopping 🛍.  It is the only thing that you are decent at doing (which is spending money.)

By the way, making a pasta dish isn’t complicated nor time consuming.

It is simply boiling water, putting in the pasta, checking the pasta, draining it and rinsing the pasta with cool water.

If you want to make meat included lasagna, preheat the oven and simply cook the meat while the pasta boils.   Assemble the dish and cook.   It doesn’t take hours! Why do you lie about it to your son?

Khama is a real thing and you cry victim all you want but you know the truth.

I know the truth about you as well.






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