Lesson 274

“Today belongs to Love. Let me not fear.”

Today I would join with the Holy Spirit to be shown the truth behind illusions. Today I would practice opening to the truth. Today I would practice letting all the thoughts of separation be healed by the Holy Spirit in my mind. Today I would practice letting the dream be undone.

Today I would practice letting only the truth of Love be recognized as real. Today I would practice letting go of substitutes for God\'s Love. Today I would practice forgiving, or letting them go. I would remember that this is what letting go of fear entails. This is letting Love be itself without trying to put something else in its place.

Today I would practice letting go of duality and remember that only Love\'s oneness is the truth. Today I would remember that truth is true and nothing else is true. Today belongs to Love. Let me not hold onto fear. I would let my mind be healed today by the Holy Spirit. Today is a wonderful opportunity to practice remembering that only Love is real.

Today belongs to Love as does every day. It doesn\'t seem that way when I look out on a world that seems to be vulnerable and seems to attack. It doesn\'t seem that way when the body I call mine malfunctions or the car I am driving is hit by another car. But that is only because I am seeing the ego\'s false images in place of the Love that is all that is real.

The images of the ego are indeed fearsome if they are believed to be real. But when we let the Holy Spirit show us what they are in truth, we can only respond with gentle laughter as we dismiss them as meaningless and without effect.

Love cannot be changed. It is eternal and Love is What we all are in truth. Love is the Self we share, the Christ that remains one with Its Source. Fear is simply a sign that I am believing separation to be real. It is this belief that must be undone. It is undone step by step.

Each time I bring each thought of fear, each disturbance of my peace of mind to the Holy Spirit, His Light of truth shows me that what I thought could harm me does not exist. What does not exist can have no effect. Without a cause, fear disappears. With the Holy Spirit\'s help I remember today belongs to Love, for there is nothing else.

Today went fine for me, but toward the end of the day (and after two days of traveling) as I was finally going home, I started to feel inexplicably sad. I even started tearing up.

I immediately started the three step process of turning it over to the Holy Spirit. I tried to think of what the thought was behind the sadness. I thought of a couple of things, but suspected that I had not gotten to the core problem.

I offered what I could to God and asked Him to help me. At first nothing happened, then I felt a strong desire to listen to one of the tapes from the 901 Course that I keep in my car. It didn\'t have anything on it that was specifically related to what was going on right now, but I started feeling much better and I realized that I had not taken time to do my lesson this morning and had not paused during the day to center myself.

I just needed to remember who I was and what my purpose is. Sometimes it is just that simple.


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