When my heart was sore and i kept scratching the scab of the wounds i had of being infected by a guy who wasnt even nice to me after i told him.being angry, bitter depressed,hurt and unforgiving.Someone said some wise words regarding this even though they didnt know the context. just thought i should share

I understand your frustration. BELIEVE ME… I have carried a lot of scars over the years. But choosing to let go and clear the debris is a concious choice. I have had 2 learn this the hard way. When u cling 2 the past you choose 2 become a victim. When you see yourself as a victim, then every part of you and those around you get affected. Its not easy, sometimes you have to die to the past every single day and give it to God again…and again…and again… but when you CHOOSE to let go, you become free. The enemy will throw out every punch he has 2 get you to believe that it isnt that easy..that you cant "just let go"…that there must b something else that you should do … but he does that because he knows that when you choose not to be a victim anymore and to live beyond your circumstances then you become a mighty tool and vessel of Jesus to use against the enemy. Jesus is above our circumstances, we should clear out the debris in our lives that has taken up the space where God should be

The question is, do we let what happened to us define us, and more important, do we continue to allow people to live "rent-free" in our heads even after we've moved. Its like drinkingpoisonand hoping the other person will die.

I hope this helps someone, i guess its a process and a hard pill to swallow.


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