I thought i would share some things with you that have been helping me understand some of my daily mistakes.

5 destructive habits 

Since you are visiting this website, then you are probably struggling with anxiety and looking for a way to cope. As such, the idea that you are actually doing something wrong that’s empowering your anxiety may seem a bit confusing, even offensive. But it’s nothing but the truth!

There are many ways that keep strengthening your anxiety disorder… without even noticing. There are destructive habits that sources your negative feelings

of tension and edginess. Habits which you don’t even realize you have.

Fortunately, there are also ways to change. It often begins with being aware of these destructive habits, and that’s exactly the point of this article.

Bad Habit 1: Sleep deprivation and poor sleep cycles

Believe it or not, your parents were actually right on this one: resting properly is an absolute must, if you want to be healthy in body and mind. And resting properly is not a matter of getting lots of sleep anytime you feel like doing so. It’s all about getting the right amount of sleep, in regulated patterns.

In simple terms, you should make sure to get 7-9 hours of proper rest each night, and you should go to bed at roughly the same time each night. Once you get used to doing so, you will find it easier to fall asleep and you will be more likely to wake up fully energized.

If you have insomnia problems, you should try getting more physical exercise during the day and drinking a relaxing herbal tea before bed time!

Bad Habit 2: Use of stimulants / Substance abuse

People who suffer from anxiety should avoid using stimulants of any kind: coffee, refined sugars, tobacco. Those are just things that will gradually add to your states of inner tension. If you’re serious about undermining your anxiety, you must be serious about it and gather the will power to limit your ingestions of stimulants of any kind.

Substance abuse issues are even more troublesome. All too commonly, anxiety sufferers turn to mood-enhancing substances as a desperate last resort towards managing their anxiety. This is only a way to turn one big problem in two bigger problems, since addiction is the most likely result. Substance abuse disorders coupled with anxiety disorder can be rather disastrous, so you should do your best not to rely on substances such as alcohol or drugs (legal or otherwise) to find your comfort zone.

Bad Habit 3: Leading a sedentary lifestyle

There are very few people suffering from anxiety disorder who actually lead a healthy lifestyle and get regular physical activity. This is by no means a matter of chance, either! The causality between having a sedentary lifestyle and suffering from depression or anxiety is quite clear. Low exercise and high anxiety go together like peanut butter and jelly, except the former taste bad and serve no purpose other than keeping you down in a slump.

Like most anxiety sufferers, you are likely failing to exercise your body adequately. You probably have your reasons, too: maybe you don’t have time, maybe you don’t have energy, maybe you just lack the will power. No problem! You just need to focus on doing baby steps as you progress from a couch potato to a regular athlete. If you need further motivation, we have prepared an exercise plan that you will surely find helpful.

Bad Habit 4: Being a victim of anxiety

Anxiety is probably ruining your life and making you feel as though you are losing control. There’s a real chance you feel as though everything is crumbling around you because you cannot find ways to cope with anxiaty disorder. As such, it’s very easy to start thinking as though you are a victim of your anxiety. Well, that’s just not true!

Whether or not you realize it, you’ve been empowering your lingering states of anxiety for years on end by making the wrong lifestyle choices. Feeling guilty already? Well, don’t! The reason for pointing this out is to help you realize that you have always been in control of your life and you have never been a victim.

Feeling lost and hopeless? Then you just have to focus on making positive changes in your life, and you’ll start getting positive results.

Bad Habit 5: You vs. the World

Like most anxiety sufferers, you probably have a tendency to antagonize the world. It’s only natural, too! You feel as though no one really gets your suffering and you’re misunderstood. You find it really difficult to stay balanced. You sometimes act in peculiar ways and people are sometimes put off by your behaviors. All things considered, there’s a good chance you’re growing progressively more reclusive and isolated from the strange, creepy world out there. Right?

Well, this is probably the biggest of all cardinal sins of anxiety sufferers. Because if you keep separating yourself from the world just because you suffer from anxiety, that will surely make things worse. You need to take action in the opposite direction. Open up with your family and trusted friends. Join a support group where you can share experiences with people facing similar issues. See a therapist if you can afford it. Whatever you do, make sure you actively embrace the world around you, rather than shying away from it.

Why do you insist on feeding your anxiety?

Take some minutes to reflect on these 5 typical bad habits of anxiety sufferers, and be honest to yourself on whether you’re prone to these negative behavior patterns or not. Even more importantly, you should remember that tackling the following issues head-on will provide you with a secure basis foryour anxiaty treatment , regardless of your treatment option.

Your options may sometimes seem limited, but there is actually much you can do to keep your anxiety in check. It might take considerable effort and persistence, and it may call for some important lifestyle changes. But once you realize how seemingly unrelated actions are indeed adding strength to your anxiety, you will find it much easier to understand what you’re going through. Dealing with it will become a second nature.



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