Today was a colder was actually pretty breezy and chilly riding along the coast on the Pacific Coast Highway…the route today started from Howe's Market in Malibu then went over to Oxnard for some lunch and then back….it was all hills and climbs again actually loving them now instead of dreading them becuase I can execute them without trying to hard and get a feeling of satisfaction rather then dread once I reach the bottom of the other side and continue my next climb on the rolling coast or rolling road depending where we are…some of the climbs were demanding of energy and those were the most rewarding…it must have been my lucky day becuase I started out in the middle of the pack and thanks to a few flat tires on others parts along the way I ended up in the front and leading the pack!! vince and I were the first two into lunch and were finished eating by the time everyone else made it in wich gave us about an hour of relaxation and socialization while we had to wait for everyone to get in and then wait for everyone to eat and head out…lunch was fun and cute today becuase it was chilly we were all huddling in a circle like kindergarten class in the little spot of sun there was outside…it was amazing and we all bonded honestly like never before…we even stayed extra to just chat after everyone was done…now there was a 70 mile option to keep going wich I planned to do..but my ride home had something to get home to so I had to turn back and just do the 50 mile route wich wasnt bad becuase going back was HARD CLIMBS..not dreaded climbs but towards the end it was just getting to be a bit much…now I started out in the front of this pack and decided to slow my pace so I dont get worn out on the climbs going back becuase the downhills were pretty steep and that means going back up them will be a B*tch…again there were flat tires and for a while I Was at the front of the pack again and I would pass a large group on the side and they would all cheer me it was amazing i loved it..being cheered on up a hill is the most amazing and warm feeling ever…at the top of said hill though EVERYONE passed me from the group WAAAAYYY at the back to the group that I passed at the bottom hahah…For the longest time I thought I was the last rider but every now and then Brendan would pop up behind me as my gaurdian angel when I was starting to slow down near the end and started bringing out the curse words on the uphills..the last few were pretty demanding after battling headwinds and side winds you get exhausted and all uphills…so we kept eachother company and everytime I thought he passed me hed show up behind me and cheer me up the hills..and we rolled in to the finish point together hoping that my ride didnt decide to leave me to watch the basket ball game hahah..luckily I wasnt that slow and he was still there and loading all his stuff up…AND…LUCK BEHOLD…There were two other groups that rode in behind me way after I did and I was soooo happy I wasnt the last rider!! feeling of accomplishment AGAIN!!…things are looking up and i cant wait for the ride..tomorrow i will be doing calabasas and its supposed to BE HOT OUT!!!


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