Perfectly named ride care of Brenny P!! I decided to take on the HUGE, ENORMOUS challenge of ALL CHALLENGES this weekend!! I went and signed up for a strictly hills ride..ALL CLIMBING..and not just gradual climbs..IM TALKING MAMOTHLY STEEP BIG BERTHA CLIMBS almost as if your riding up the side of a building wall!! First off I made the mistake of going out the night before as well as only getting 2-3 hrs of sleep..dont ask cuase I dont know…haha… I arranged the night before to meet up with Brian at my house for about 7:00am to ride to the starting place wich was about a mile away from my house like a 5 minute bike ride at most with stop lights and such…so i set my alarm and come 7am I text brian to go without me and I'll meet him there I need to get some more sleep…I was afriad I wouldnt make it before everyone rode out cuase I re-awakened (is that a word?) myself at about 8:15 and ride out was 8:30!! I still had to eat, wash up and gear up and ride there!  I decided to skip the meal and eat a bar and washed up n geared up..I flew to the start point and it was about 8:30 when I got there and they had just started the safety briefing YEAH ME I MADE IT and I wasnt even late! well I wasnt THAT late…so we ride out..our first climb was up Franklin canyon…now we started to ascend and it was steep but gradual and I was like this is it..dude im flying up this thing!! THEN WE HIT THE TOP..and its about a couple hundred feet up STRAIGHT UP cant even walk it without falling backwards like you need a pick and harness type steep…I used all my energy flying up the gradual part thinking that was it and bonked halfway up the top part..I had to get off my bike and lie down on the street for a few minutes to eat a bar and get the blood rushing back to my head…the ENTIRE group was waiting at the top for me and JR one of the training leaders came down to help me and make sure I was ok knowing im diabetic and had no meal…so I ate my bar got back up and made it to the freakin top…it was a great and rewarding downhill for a good few miles until we reached the other side of the canyon and started to go up again..this time on a more steep gradual climb then the one at the beginning..but you know what..I never got off my bike once to walk it and I went at a pretty good clip..I wasnt huffing and was Vince, JR and I for the rest of the ride cuase we decided to take it slower and take pics of the scenery…you can check them out and the height of the top on my photos will be proud of me…oh may I mention before I forget that the temperature that day was reaching the high 90s!! and with climbs thats rediculous! after the end of franklin we went on a better downhill then the previous and it was steep so we FLEW down that like NOOOO TOMORROW!! and im light so I just flew like I was air…it was scary but so much fun..I had to slam the breaks a few times cuase I almost rammed into Vince…as we rode our last 15 miles through burbank I believe we had a few more residential climbs that had stop signs we had to stop at wich is  brutal if your on an incline..stop and go is HARD on the body and energy…so we decided to sing songs to get us over each hill..We made our signature song "WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!" and we yelled it rather then sang it as we arrived into the lunch stop…it was great to make it and not give up or conk we ate then headed out again after rehydrating, eating and re-sunscreening…our biggest fear was coming up within the first mile after the rest stop…everyone talks up Sepulveda pass like if you make it up your the God of all cycling and you can do anything..I was soooo scared to go up this..they say its worse then LA Tuna and it wasnt that bad for me but  still WORSE then LA TUNA is still worse and when you have veteran riders and training leaders dreading the pass you have no choice but to dread whats coming…so up comes the approach of sep pass…Can I just say..not to BRAG or anything but  I need to mention that Vincent and I rode out together but I lost my route sheet and he made it through a red and I didnt so he kept going thinking I was behnd him…I had to pull over for a good 5-10min to wait for the last riders to follow with them…when we reached Sep Pass I saw vincent halfway up from where I was and I just kept riding (I think I went at a pretty FAST pace up that sucker)..becuase next thing I know Im at the point of passing vincent almost at the top but decided to keep him in front cuase I dont have my map so I slowed my pace..I AM VERY PROUD..but there was NOTHING hard or difficult about that climb I was kind of disappointed becuase everyone talked it up to be so scary and they still think it is…anyways I made it up in no time quicker then I imagined and went on the decent again..we rode down to wilshire and went across and down to PCH where we sstopped at the beach and took pictures and took a stretch…we saw the last group make a loop around without stopping and headed out about 20minutes after them…WE CAUGHT UP TO THEM 10 miles to the end!!! it was all uphill again around wilshire then down then through beverly hills and back up to the starting point at la cienega and santa monica…it was all together a great ride but the heat and no food and no sleep was draining and killer but after lunch!! IT WAS OVER and everything was fine…TAKE THAT SEPULVEDA!!! YEYA!!


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