You know, life and what God has given me is just truly amazing. Even though I am dealing with this disease, I have learned through all my trials that just being able to see what I truly love in this world can bring so much peace. As I lay at the lake with my dogs, just chillin, watchin the storm come rolling in, I realize that just because Im in Texas, it doesnt mean I will never feel the salt of the ocean being blown onto my face once again. I am so homesick but I will be ok. Sometimes I wonder why I am stuck where I am and its probably because I need my fam or they need me. How bad I wish I could just pick up and move back west and live on the beach. Survive on fish and coconuts. But life requires more form me at the moment. Right now, I am only 3 months away from completing my MBA. A new chapter of my life is about to begin and I don't know how to deal with it. As I am not working right now, I am prepared to move up in this world but where I wanna be will just cost too much for the transition than I have at the moment. Im somewhat confused but feel that God will give me whatever I need to start this new chapter in my life. If you guys can , just keep me in your prayers. I am a beautiflu, strong, smart woman and I have nothing holding me back from my future. I have beat the many odds that life has thrown my way, beat cancer, beat a lifestyle that didnt belong to me, and live strong through this disease. Im not scared of whats to come but I know that change is inevitable. Just pray that God guides me thre right way to continue on my journey of life. I wish you all a wonderful day and SURFS up Dudes.

  1. lavagirl 11 years ago

    well thank you darlin.    I need all the love I can get on this one…..Before I was dx'd with the cancer I worked as an intake specialist for a home health agency and couldnt move up because of the lack of education.  Now I have education but have been on disability for so long, i dont have the experience.  Go figure huh?     So I am sooooooooooooo needing the poz energy girl…  Thanx

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  2. jai25 11 years ago

    HI, you been a inspiration for me now onwards  congratulation on mba , i always wish you happy life,   thanks ,     

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