Good Lord I don't think I am ever going to sleep again! Today Dakota is 11 weeks old. The other day I went and bought her a mobile for her crib and tonight is the first night she is sleeping in the crib, she has been in a bassinet next to me and I still may switch her back before I go to bed. It is 1 am right now, she has been laying in her crib since 10 pm staring at the mobile. She was asleep when I layed her down, she is smiling alot more now and cooing and if I didn't know better I'd say she has been having tissy fits as well. She does not like baths or to have her diaper changed. I love her and I have come to realize that I have a lot more patience then I ever knew I had. I drive like my mom now, like a little old lady! BABY ON BOARD!!! Her dad is an ass. Last Saturday he called and asked me for a cigarette and if I had one then he would come visit me and the baby. I told him NOPE!!! I felt like saying F*CK YOU but I kept my cool. I ain't giving him a damn thing the ungrateful bastard, whether he comes to visit her or not depends on what he can get out of it? Screw that!!! HIS LOSS! She has so much love around her and her being so small, him not being involved is no big thing at least not at this time. His mom comes over a couple times a week to just hold her and talk to her. I love his mom. She is Dakotas Grammy! My mom is Gramma, and my other moms are Grandma Billie and Grandma Carol, She has alot of Grandmas which is way cool! And my HIV family they are all her family, black white hispanic, this little girl as well as my other daughters and grandkids have one of the biggest families and its all good, So her dad being a horses ass well that as I said is his loss. Ok done bragging and bitching time to go to bed. Good Night


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