Fighting the Battle the Soul Wins all

I have read about so many different situations in life , not so different from my own. The loss of love or the hope of becoming one.
People that was loved, loosing their battles and people, who have won.
Wars of deception and Wars of crimes. Memories of past wars and the present war. Lives lost and lives that did make it home, to find that everything they come home for is all but gone.
                       Saddens my heart
                            as the War is still on
                                  Tearing my life apart
Not letting me forget and move on. My war wont be over until my sun goes down, Long are the nights this war continues on. Even threw dawn.
Countless memories flood my mind the roller coaster still moves on. But
its a ride like no one can imagine, silent raging fears of love undone..
Just as I feel the end is near deep waters continue to rage on. On and on yet another days dawn.
                       climbing up that hill
                            forcing myself to move on
                                  yet standing still in pain
I still move on. Days become nights, then as darkness has won. The battle has just begun. Tired and weary knowing I must Carrie on being told the battle cannot be won. Refusing to give up, never an option….
This battle must be won. I awake with the sun, dream of the love that I
hope I come to know, remembering that kiss so very long ago. Haunted bye
demons that continue to live on. You may kill my body, my soul moves on..

Author notes

Fighting the battle to live yet the war rages on.
Written December 19th, 2005 seems like yesterday that I wrote this poem I wanted to share  it with everyone… hugs  Vickie


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