I miss you,

I love you,

I miss the deep dimples nestled in your cheeks,

And being able to return your gaze without the fear of being rejected,

Your sweet smile and fun spirit attract me desperately to you,

And whenever I would hold you, I didn’t want to let you go,

But I did, first, because the pain of you letting go hurt too much.

Whenever you looked at me, I saw the need and want in your eyes.

You wanted me to see you, to adore you,

And i did with all my heart.

But all of it scared you,


It was too much to conceive,

And you pushed me away,

And it caused me to leave,

Now we are away from one another,

And the distance makes me cry,

I long for you, still, always till I die.


  1. clawra 2 years ago

    wow that’s deep and beautiful

    1 kudos

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