Its time to start processing some of this out. I process and analyze my thoughts and emotions in my head 24/7 but it is getting exhausting. If I put it here, it can stay here.

I’m not some fancy blogger. I’m not this person who knows all the rules. I’m not some amazing fantastical wordsmith who knows what they are doing here. I’m not Drunk Uncle, mmkay.

Now to choose what to focus on. Anxiety? Depression? Religion? Procrastination? Life struggles? Daily struggles? I guess I could focus on something positive, but if I was able to do that I probably wouldn’t be here starting a friggin blog on a wellness community site.

I got it.

My partner and I need a tribe. We need a family. Before we even met, we were both being conditioned by blood relatives to participate in toxic familial relationships. Somehow, we found our way out and found each other. Ten years and a few kids later, we are realizing there are a lot of things about being an adult that we were not prepared for; mainly how to deal with emotions and stress. We don’t have anyone we can go to for trustworthy advice or hear their experiences. With parenting, homeschooling, and going back to college in our thirties, we have no one’s guidance other than google searches and our own intuitions. Our kids won’t have grandparents and aunts or uncles because of addiction and undiagnosed mental illness. Maybe one day it could change, but today is not that day. We need other human beings to acknowledge our existence and maybe a pat on the back from time to time.

So, that is out. This is what I’m processing and leaving here. Do with it what you will. At least YOU know you’re not a lone or you think I’m a Karen. Either way, you’re welcome.





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