I am now seriously addicted to getting tattoos, I suppose atleast its not a real addiction so to say, but i got my second one 2 weeks ago and i ALREADY want another one… im going to end up with millions and my mum is going to hate it lol, she saw my new one and went "that is soo big what if you have a job interview" my response "ill wear pants" Lol

Then i went and watched my bf get his first one on monday and i was like "ohhh do me do me" i already have my second design in mind,  geisha on my back going from my hip up to my shoulder.. big i know, and i certainly dont look like the type of person that would have a big tattoo on my leg then another big one on my back, but really i dont care what people think.

Another thing that is bothering me right now are the meds im on, my doctor wanted me to slowly go up to 300mg like this 50mg day one, 100mg day two, 150mg day three, 200mg day four, 250mg day five and then 300 mg there onwards. Problem is when i took 150mg i got restless leg syndrome which was a pain so im put of taking anymore than 100mg, which my doctor said is fine but he does eventually want me to move up to that 300mg mark and i am scared Lol then my other problem is i feel like i need to go up a bit higher with it, so i am in a right pickle!bowl But the good thing about taking it is that i havent felt like crap since i started it YAY!

Well cant think of much more to say so have fun



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