A week ago I was having a bad less than stellar morning so I phoned a social worker I felt I had some trust in saying I wasn't sure I could make it through this particular day..this was a person I felt knew I wasn't suicidal inclinations & just wasn't able to cope with the ritulals I was dealling with that morning..instead I was met with 2 law enforcement officers @ my front door demanding I go with them to the emergengery room of the local crows ass hospital to be admitted to the mental ward against my wishes..I was met with so-called professionals quoting chaper & verse the DSMV-5 manual in a personally inaccountable fashion as if it were handed down to them on stone tablets from off Mount Sinai in the the most self-important & disempowering method I've ever felt..I served my country & have a math & science & number-based education than they would never have been able to handle & yet These people are so consumed in their own localized power structure which they know can't be challanged legally that they have feel they have balls down to their kneecaps and I was kept against my will for a week..I don't even know I I am able to stay in the apartment complex I'm living in now because of the drama that ensued just because I was remove by force even without handcuffs even though I am by far the most non-violent & un-confrontational person u were ever meet..in all airness the officiers were courteous & wanted to know more of my OCD Disorder as it as not something they'd delt with before..I want to go to my congressperson so bad however I know being an unwilling mental patient I know I will have no absolutaly rights..I am so prepared to leave this country now to a more liberablly-mined less fundamentally-based nation whose orgions where not based on the displacement & occupation & damned-near exterminatiion of a great indigitious peoples that were it not for the fact would be denied a passport for being a wrongfully-perceieved irrrationatally-minded person now I would do it f*cking heartbest..please endulge me as I a more than a lil drunk with pyschoactive meds in my system I probably orbiting around the planet Neptune right now but I am am one piss-off son of a bitch right now for having my civil freedoms violated by people who couldn't pass an ACT or SAT Exam on their BEST day that I'm 20 kinds of torked-off..which reminds me..the social worker asked me if I though I was better than anyone else..u don't EVEN wanna know what my thought bubble was on that one even though I know saying what I thought would not help my cause..plus I know for a fact she can't even help he 2 mentally-messed up childred & yet she presumed to be believe she can help others..I don't expect any real responses on this..I just had to vent my completely pissed-off feelings on this..my apologies for not being around for a week but being a prisoner of the medieval mental-health care system made that difficult..btw..Doctor Hancey?? don't ever Try don't comment on this or write a contrictitory blog on this as I've no respest for either you or you field as I guess Potlicial Science wasn't your forte & you & I don't will NEVER see see eye to eye in the first place..I done for now..delete me if u want admin but free speech doesn't see to apply in cyberspace I've found..

  1. Ditto 10 years ago

    First of all I just want to say how sorry I feel that you had to go through this. I was worried but thought you just took a break. Never had a thought this could be happening to you….

    I do not blame you for resisting and not wanting to go. I would have done the same thing. Just because you express that you do not know if you can get through a day doesn't call to be hauled away like this.

    Unfortunatley this happens alot. Only naive people think it doesn't. People are incarcerated for years only to be let out becasue DNA has cleared them. You did not do anything to warrant this. I will be careful who I say those words to from now on.  

    Vent all you want, you have more than reason to do so… 


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  2. silver 10 years ago

     well well well 

    join the dark side my friend

    with the rest of us in the psych ward 🙂

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