Someone tell these tears to stop falling from my eyes
Tell me theres something more to live for
Than a broken heart,
Than another nightmare.
Something more than just an empty bed
Than 10 bottles lined up
Ready to be drunk, I'll be drunk

Stop the celling from falling
I won't be able to catch it on my shoulders
Not this time.
Not another lullaby, just one more sleeping pill
Another bed of roses withered away
And sleeping on the thorns

I haven't washed the blood away
Since the last cut
With the same blade, over and over
The scars have gone and healed
But the pain quivers ever so violently
I drown it all in fear
Smothering slowly the air I breath

Every step i take, I'm running away from
All the days that come to pass, from light to night
Wrapped in regret, soft comforts of mistakes
It wasn't mine to blame after all
You made me, just so I can tear it all down

I break into me. Like it was the first time
Holding myself against it all
All the while, being the first to take the fault
I bleed just as you do, beating the same heart
Pumping the fuel, that fuels the hate

Like the very last time we kissed, using tongue
I could taste your bleeding gums
I breathed inside of you, and you vise versa
And as we pulled away, we knew it was to good to last
A seemingly farewell fairy tale in black and white

And where are you now? Who am I to us
The songs you sang, God bless them all
They warmed every lonely night
Like a prayer to the devil, she wore the cross
She bared the cross
And I nailed her to it
Call me Pilot, but don't mistake me for Judas

She always wanted to change the devil
But if you cant handle this, give up the dream
I'm no force to be reckoned with
The closest appeal to anything black
Everyone's got demon's
But I was too strong for you to change

I confide myself to chains, Subjecting to a disbelief

[to be cont…]




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