This sux.  It really does.  I was looking forward to the weekend all week (duh, who doesn't) and sure enough when it came, I was having an anxiety episode one after the other.  I dealth with it…..very successfully (thanks to a couple of people on here with some good ideas…ie rubber band…focusing on playing a game on my cell)

But it just sux that I had to go through this. 

Does anyone else feel sleepy or drowsy after a panic attack?  I didn't really have a panic attack…more on the verge of having one.  But perhaps trying to keep it at bay zapped all my energy cause boy was my eyelids dropping like lead. 

So it is Monday and just like everyone else, I hate being at work.  lol

I have also been struggling all weekend with the decision to go back on meds or try to toughen myself by dealing with my anxiety naturally.   I feel bad for my wife especially.  She has to go thru my moodiness and sometimes my wish to be alone for a min.  I am not as responsive to her conversations and I feel real bad.  She moved here away from her family to be with me and now I can't even be there for her.  It makes me even more sad to think how lonley she must be.


And on another note, I thought I was seriously going to have a full blown panic attack in front of a cop.  I was supposedly speeding (cop didn't turn on his radar till I passed him says my $350 radar detector).  When he pulled me over he didn't even ask to see my id or registration or even tell me why he was pulling me over.  He just threatened to put me and my wife in handcuffs while he searched my car…..for what??!?!?!    Just because I unpluged my radar detector which by this time was blaring.  So I didn't even attempt to argue with the cop.  I just let it go to fight it in court.  Now I am forced to put myself in yet another anxious setting.  argh!





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