Just a blog to say I'm new.  I have alot I want to do to fix up my profile page…  it is probably the best way for people to see who I am. 

I came here after seeing the link on a friends site.  I have never been diagnosed…  but I have social anxiety disorder.  I've always been shy.  It never seemed as bad as it has these past three years. 

I've become a bit of a hermit.  Only leaving the house to run errands that are necessary… and only doing the fun type of shopping with family members. 

I have no real friends.  I am online always hoping to make friends who will understand me, but I've come to the conclusion that they can't.  Some just won't. 

I'm big on blogging, it isn't a daily thing, but up until the last few months I have stopped writing in my other blog because people, family and old friends will read it.  I don't mind that they do, but there are some things…  things that you want someone to read, just not those closest to you.  The idea of being anonymous… but not really… is ideal.  I want someone to listen to me, or to take the time to read this.  I don't need comments back on it… but just the knowing that someone will take the time to see me through all of these words and sentences… 

I'm alone.  I have my family, but still I am all alone.  At night it is horrible. 

I will leave it at this.  Thank you for reading this..  and I do really look forward to being here on this site.

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