Hey guys,
There's something on my mind that just won't stop bugging me.
I have a new boyfriend, well been going out 3 months, and he seems to be addicted to video games. We only get to see each other on weekends because he lives an hour away. In our first month of going out we did stuff like going to the park and thinking up things to do. In the last 2 months he's become real lazy and will sit for hours doing nothing. He will play a game (all single player) for about 7 hours straight and expect me to sit there on a sunny day watching TV while he does that. For me, I am ADD and love to be active, which he knows, and will loose interest very fast. When he does stop playing games, he then watches videos about the game or just chills on his ipad. It never seems to be away. I just want to talk to him and be with him, not watching him.When I ask him to go outside he will say do I have to, or make a big complaint how he shouldnt have to and want to come back as fast as possible. He thinks I'm being a needy girlfriend. I tried to reason with him and say he can play games at night after spending time together in the day but he still doesnt like that. I also feel like I have to do all the effort, like I have to txt first, make the plans. But then when I do get him up and active he's the funnest person I've ever been with and so funny and amazing. I just want to see that boy more often… It leaves me feeling like the second option when he gets bored of his games. My friend is telling me to just talk to him, I've tried but he gets all sarcastic and I dont get to say anything. Also my anxiety stops me. I love him and I don't wantto loose him but I don't want to feel like this either. I want to talk to him without it leading to a break up… Advice???


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