So technically I still have health insurance once all the forms go through and they receive my payment for this entire month of coverage, even though I can\'t go to the doctor\'s right now (which I need to do because I have been having fatigue issues that need to be checked seeing as my thyroid has always given me issues) without paying out of pocket….  How is that fair that I should be paying for coverage that I\'m not getting but if I let my insurance lapse at all, I have a "pre existing condition" with my hypothyroidism (which is also BS because really, it\'s a $15/mo med which I pay most of anyway and one blood test a year, 2 if it needs adjustments, not a real costly thing on their part, and I would even cover all expenses related to those costs if they covered everything else). I think this country is really F***ed up when it comes to healthcare. I got all excited about this healthcare reform listening to the republicans talk about it because it sounded like I was finally going to be covered no matter what…. Nope, definitely not a socialistic health care system…. just a little less unfair than it has been…. Maybe someday we\'ll be more like the countries with better healthcare, where you only pay to see the doctor if you\'re healthy…. 

You know, I really enjoyed Saw VI, not for the blood and gore but for the points it made about how messed up our health care system is… I\'m sick of it. I wish I had another choice for my healthcare but I don\'t. The only thing that is going for me is my new job has better health insurance so I can get a better doctor and more of my needs taken care of. Unfortunately that starts in 2 months and for now I\'m covered but unable to use my health insurance and my health is not good and I need to be checked out by a doctor…. ARGH!



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