i Am so Angry What Happend last night. my friend evan got drunk, and he also suffers with depression, so i called for help because i thought he might try and hurt himself or something so i thought i was doing the right thing. and calling for help. they got there, and well. i am sick and tired of being treated like sh*t. sorry for swearing but im sick of it, they said oh he just needs to go home and sleep it off, ok i understand that, but my friend was on the floor, he was not moving. and i thought maybe later he'll try and hurt himself, because i know when iv been drinking i tend to want to hurt myself more,

and i told the ambulance men that, and then they said i was being cheeky??? and they said people who are REALLY sick need us not you. i started shouting at them, i said he needs to go to hospital, and then the ambulance men said i need a night in the cell???? i had to bite my lip, because i really wanted to shout at them,and then they said to me, oh just because he has mental health issues that gives him a reason to drink,

i said to them, you try being depressed. all you want to do is escape from your mind,

and they just carried on saying i should spend a night in the cell, im cheeky??? i wish i had reported them. but they is no point everyone seems to be treating me like crap. the doctors, the ambulance everyone!!!! and im just so sick of it.

but on the good side, my friend got seen to at hospital, and in the end , he was fine.

but next time, i mean what if im feeling down, and want to go to hospital for my own safety, am i going to be treated like i was last night

if i am, i would rather just die.

hmm anyway, on a happy note. im dating my ex boyfriend, callum. i dated him when i was 16, but things went down when he got into trouble with the police, and then he moved away. but iv recently got back in contact with him, and were giving it a other go! i am really happy about it. but i dont feel its going to last, he lives far away now, and i think we still both have alot of growing up to do. he still gets into trouble with police, and the way i am at the moment, but… yeah i'll see how it goes. hes the only lad iv been out with who is my own age.

hes really sweet, but hes lost. he grew up in foster familys, and i think he just acts out, because of it. hes been moved around alot. and i cant even think what that must of been like for him, hes a very closed book. so its hard for me to know when hes upset, or angry, i hope he will start to open up, i think it really might help him,

anyway rant over. hope your all ok xx

  1. justbreathe444 9 years ago

    wow, ambulance men could be rude!
    and I have a brother named callum.. ive never heard anyone else with that name, that\'s cool 🙂

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  2. sarah30uk 9 years ago

    That was really bad that they treated you like that, I kind of understand that they have a really hard job and sometimes people are just time wasters but they clearly shouldn\'t have treated you and your friend with such disrespect and they really shouldn\'t have judged you on the fact you are young, if you were in your 30s/40s I bet they would have acted completely differently. That is the trouble in our country, everyone thinks that anyone under 25 is a lager lout and trouble maker, I\'m 30 but seriously look about 18 and I\'ve been treated badly on a number of occasions because I look young, it\'s really not fair. Hopefully these ambulance guys are a one off and if you ever have to call them again you will get some nicer ones!

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  3. LonleyTeen 9 years ago

    Thankyou sarah x

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