Ok I woke up in a good mood this morning and then it went away. I did the stupidist thing ever that always makes me upset. Now don’t laugh at me for this. I called the bank to see how much money we had and we have like nothing in there. I just don;t understand where all of our money went to. I swear someone else has our account number or something because there is just to much money missing and we don’t do anything but pay bills and shop when we have to. We always use our bank card as a debit card so that the money comes out right away and we have some charges on there that are pending and I just don’t know ehere it came from. So tomorrow we have to go to the bank and find where all of it went. I went out looking for a job and it just really seems like no one wants to hire me. I haven’t worked in such a long time that the only place that will probably hire me is like Mc’Donalds or some stupid ass place like that. I don’t want to be one of those people that work at a fast food place for the rest of their lives not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just not somewhere I want to work I’ve been doing that shit since I was able to work. The first job I had was at a coffee shop and I worked there for 5 years. Once I had my second child though I decided to stay home. Anyway so with all of this crap happening it just took it’s toll on me and when I got home I went into my bed and stayed there and cried for a couple of hours and eventually fell asleep. My hubby wanted me to talk to him but I don’t think he would understand why I was so upset. He has delt with depression before but his was different from mine. I just don’t know anymore. It seems like everytime we are doing good and everything is being paid on time something happens and my life goes to hell. 🙁 thank you to anyone that reads this.

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  1. esmerael 15 years ago

    It is horrible the impact that money – or lack of it – can have. Enough to tip one quite over the edge. I’m sorry, hon. Wishing you peace and strength.xxx

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