I have been conducting series of research and have be in an astute observation of this dreaded word called depression  that has continiously robbed you my lovely friends of your innate and inherent happiness that would have been a plus to the world if only you are not plunged down by depression.

 Lets take a retrospective look back to the main causes and genesis of depression in our life.

 1.if you are a personality that castigate yourself whenever you make a mistake in your daily dealings in life you must have caused your loosing your charming confidence because whenever you castigate yourself you lose value and plunge yourself to disrepute.

  2.Do you engage in excesses or do things that are beyond your capacity,its high time you cut your coat according to your size because it might destroy your charming happiness.

 3.How do you rate yourself in the eyes of your family members,your friends,your neigbours and your community.do you tell yourself this things i love myself,nothing can bring me down because i am beautiful no matter what they say to me .

 4.A word i feel is enough for you my wise one because you must look in deep in your life and say to yourself i must take charge of my destiny because i also want to have my name written on the sands of time as a quinte essential of hope and a paradigm of light.

 Its wonderfully pleasant to be with all of you because the world needs your talent and invention to make it a complete and charming place to live in it.

 You are going to be okay i am confident about that because you have identified your problem and no the genesis of it so take your time and continiously entrench in you positive views that will stand the test of time in your life because gradually you are on your way to paradise of hope.


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