Dale Anthony, New York Long Island AIDS Ambassador, is committed to assuring that everyone infected and affected by the AIDS pandemic is enabled through access to resources and empowered through education to win the war against this deadly disease. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Tough Talk Media, Inc., and The Dale House Resource Center, that opened on April 26, 2003.
Diagnosed in 1990, Dale has been “Sounding the Trumpet” since 1994, bringing attention, resources, and compassion to those living with and dying from the AIDS virus. He achieves this goal with the message of faith, hope and charity that he has taken across the nation. Dale has personally touched the lives of almost one million people in 16 states via workshops, presentations and goodwill tours. He developed a Behavior Modification Skills curriculum that is used in many school systems, a Peer Education Group for At-Risk Youth in Long Island, and initiated and developed the Symposium on Stress Management with Dr. E. Bolden of North Carolina University.
In 1995, this industrious and courageous advocate launched Tough Talk Media, Inc. to further his AIDS prevention education and outreach efforts and to increase his influence in building support and compassion for those already infected. Tough Talk, a cable television program, Tough Talk Latino, a bilingual cable program, and Tough Talk II, a radio show done in collaboration with Healing Our Land Ministry provide an “astounding wake up call.” These programs focus on removing the stigma, shame, and ignorance associated with the virus and fosters the development and implementation of effective, efficient and compassionate strategies that empower people to win.
The year 2000 marked the released of the documentary “A Look Through My Eyes” that chronicles the remarkable story of his personal battle with HIV / AIDS infection. Humanizing the experience of living with AIDS, the film retraces the early days of his diagnosis: depression, secrecy, denial, treatment, prejudice and ridicule and his decision to Live with dignity rather than die with shame. In it we see his miraculous rise from obscurity into the national spotlight through his personal public declaration of his HIV status and his entrance into the political arena of advocacy on behalf of those infected and affected by this devastating illness.
Dale created the Bill Of Hope, a Declaration of Commitment to the humanity of all infected and affected by HIV / AIDS


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