Well, So I finally made the mad plunge into simplicity. Clothing wise. I took a look at my clothes and decided that I had had enough with everything. LOL. So I ordered a Catalogue from Ghon Brothers (They've been around for over 100 years) and am converting my entire clothing selection over to simpler items.

So I took all my dress shirts, and everything else and am donating them to a local homeless shelter. Should give the guys that are there a little bit of help with getting decent interview clothes. Waste not want not I say.

Anyhow I had a pair of bracers made at the local Saddle and tack shop. LOL. That was actually fun watching how they were made. The trousers I am ordering from Ghon Brothers don't have belt loops Ergo the Bracers. Haven't worn clothes like this since I was a small boy. So It will be nice to return to a simpler way of dressing. On the other hand it is going to be interesting. LOL

The Trousers are what is known as Broadfall or Dropfront trousers. They don't have zippers. For the record, my cousin laughed her self silly when I told her what I was doing. "Seriously?" She said, "I thought when we grew up we left home to stop dressing like that" LOL. But then again she hasn't realized that it costs a mere fraction to buy clothes from Ghon Brothers than it does from Major clothing chains.

Sure the clothes are outdated as far as people who feel the need to be fashionable are concerned. However, I've never given two stones about fashion. Think about it. Why spend 200 dollars on "high end" Designer clothes that wear out easily or damage even easier and last for only a couple of years, when you can spend the same 200 dollars and obtain simple decent clothing that rarely wears out, and is next to impossible to damage (not counting blow torches or butcher knives) unless you are trying to actually ruin the clothing on purpose?

So the decision makes perfect sense to me. Plus the clothing is warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. That's a bonus regardless of who you are. 🙂

So On that note, 🙂 just thought I'd share my happiness with everyone. (Lord only knows my cats are in shock due to the major change. But they'll adjust. LOL

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    yk 9 years ago


    Thanks for sharing.. iam googling Ghon Brothers… right now!!

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