I know, a weird title. But I'm feeling let down, and this can start a downward spiral for me. I asked a neighbor (who used to be a friend), who is a nice guy, if he could ask his son-in-law if he could help me out with picking up a wall unit and then brining it to my home. He has a truck, which I don't, and it's a big enough one for the 3 piece wall unit. I would help of course. I like to lift things and work. It's a bit of a distance, but I would give him $20 for the gas and some Tim Horton's as a thank you. I'm on Income Assistance and can't afford anything else.

Yesterday the neighbor said, "No, no to the question." and that was it. Am I being too sensitive in that he didn't give me any kind of explanation? I mean he didn't say anything else, just No. WTF I know he doesn't owe me an explanation, it just would have been nice. Of course there is more history there, which I'm not ready to get into right now. But I would have thought that he would have normally said something else. I guess our friendship is really over.

What is up with Christians anyways? This guy is a Christian, so is his entire family, including so-in-law. I'm a Christian to, but I would help out anyone, friend, family, neighbor, stranger, anyone really – and if I couldn't or was not able to, then I would help them find another way. But with Christians, it's like, if you don't go their way, it's the highway and they shun you or something. My ex and I split from the church this guy goes to, and no-one called us after we left. Nice hey, you would think someone would have cared to check in to see how we are doing. It makes you wonder if they ever cared at all.

Frankly at the moment, I'm feeling as though no one gives a damn about anyone else, just themselves. Definitely NOT Christian like. I don't even attend church anymore, the hipocracy makes me sick. Why can't they just accept people for who they are. If they are a good person accept them, NO MATTER WHAT. They accept priests who abuse children. They accept men who beat their wives and children. They accept murderers, rapists, child molesters and the like. Yet they won't accept someone who is gay, or someone who disagrees with the teachings.

No tolerace there. Sorry for going on a rampage, there are just a million things going through my head right now. I hope I didn't offend anyone, it's just how I'm feeling a the moment.


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