Today was a very rocky start. I began the day misplacing my hair brushes and a majority of my makeup. I felt like I was going crazy I couldn’t find it anywhere. I got so mad and started crying I was already running late and couldn’t find the items anywhere. I managed to calm down with music while I was driving to work. Work was fine as well, a nice quite day. Work calms me down. Someone advertised a rental in the area and it got me thinking how blessed I am to have an affordable place to stay in a nice neighbourbood. When I came back home I finally found the items I misplaced. I put them in a bag and hung them on my bathroom door and covered it with the night dress I was wearing the night before which is why I didn’t see it when I checked the bathroom the 5th time that morning. I couldn’t help but laugh, it sounds like me to put it in such an odd place. Crazy how something that got me so emotional in the morning got me laughing later. I bought a new deodorant today….I’m usually the type of person to buy the same brand all the time but I decided to try a new one. I’m nervous to see if it’s as good as the one I usually use. I’ll wait and see.

Three things that went well today

  1. found my missing items
  2. bought really nice eye shadow today which is really pigmented
  3. nice relaxing day at work

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