I’ve mentioned a bit before, and im constantly working on improving this issue within myself: I have alot of regret and shame in my life that now as an adult im barely beginning to let go of. Why is it so difficult to move forward when I constantly feel humiliated. Wether I am being made fun of at the moment or not, what can I do to move forward when aside from the battle I have with myself, I feel overwhelmed with so much more of a reminder of my negative actions.

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  1. jasmine-lebron 1 year ago

    The past clings on to us worse then anything I still think about it and everything that went wrong the only thing that use to help me was drinking my self away, I know this might sound dumb but in order for me to help myself (witch is still a struggle) I lay down or sit in a meditation pose and I thought and dug through everything that has held me back and I forgave myself after realizing that none of it can be changed and I either hate myself for everything that I can’t control or forgive myself and control my future and I did that by little things like planing my meals showering regularly setting alarms to go off every morning and getting a sleep schedule and if you even do one thing consistent everyday you are capable of so much more I’m sorry if this doesn’t help

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