Ahhh Dinner and a movie doesnt it sound grand? I think so, I was thinking about it earlier, I believe I need to cultivate some friends to have such an event take place…New friends that is…
I have had a rather outstanding day with many things to be greatful for, Sobriety being top of the list,  my health and  the presence of my HIGHER POWER is pretty awesome.  I believe that by pure nature of our disease that we are "Thinkers" putting way to much thought into everything, not being able to just accept things for what they are, thinking there must be more…a hidden agenda…no one could possibly just want us to get better…(and well there are those that dont want us to but that is not what I am talking about) I am at meetings with my Home Group at least 1-3 x a day and I see my sponsor minimally 6 days a week and I can call on him at anytime I need to…In my midst of that 24-48 hour funk of emotion and whatever is was, I see how much I was trying to read into everything, the 12 steps, the traditions, the promises, how it works EVERYTHING…Then out of no where I picked up "Living Sober" which I had read some of at another point…Suddenly like a bell going off I realized that I needed to take things to a very simple level for right now…Live and Let Live….FIrst Things First…One Day At a Time, EASY DOES IT…Think Think Think…It doesnt get much more simple than that…I was not a big fan of catch phrases and probubly am still not, but the keep it simple so my mind can process things is not a bad thing at all…Life is Grand right now…One day at a time I can do this…

  1. old_crazy_woman 13 years ago

    so glad to hear your having a great day… i have many fav saying that i have heard over the years…like yours..one day at a time..keep it simple,,but my fave above all else is…TO THINE OWN SELF BE TRUE…i tell this to my sponseree…i have it pinned up in my bathroom,and in my car…and my coin…to always remind me…that it works …if you work it…take care..love ya ocw

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  2. michaelcali 13 years ago

    That one is very good too…it kinda hurts though right now…I suppose I should talk about that sometime…Just not today…Thank you for your kind words

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