I swear, I despise certain parts of my family. Apparently, I was told recently, that my aunt, whom I'll just call "Jill", here, had said that my mother "spoiled" me and my two brothers, and that we need to be out on our own to "toughen up", some.

Jill is a snob who married a guy who had his own business. She knows nothing of making it on her own. She and her family are going on trips to Vegas or entertaining her fancy friends, while my mother or uncle (her brother) are having hard times.

Like when my uncle was depressed and drinking after his significant other had passed, and not once did Jill's snooty ass bother calling him, or acting worried. Or when my mom, needed some help to buy a new car, Jill nor my crotchety old grandma could offer a penny, though they're both sitting on plenty of money.

Apparently, Jill had picked up my mother the other day to go somewhere. Well, my mother said she wanted to smoke a cigarette first, and Jill didn't want it in her car, so my mother went to the parking lot. Jill acted all disgusted at her smoking and told her "You know, I'm worried about you, with your smoking."

Worried? lmao. Jill's best friend lives not a block from us hardly, and Jill's hardly been in our house to visit, but maybe one time. And that was a special occasion, way back. It's more about her being judgemental than being worried about anyone.

This woman would have no idea what it is like to have everybody in a household working their ass off just to break even. To scrimp and save and work her fingers to the bone, just trying to get by.

She's moved into a couple of really nice houses over the years.

She had always brought her kids to church and prohibited them from listening to music she didn't approve of. She probably thinks I'm a bad person, because I am not Christian or conservative. Or that I have long hair and listen to loud music. Even though, I'm a quiet guy, and nice as all. God forbid, if she ever heard about me being bisexual.

She probably takes my shyness as being "weak" and the fact that unlike her kids, who are married or are on the verge of, I've barely dated. Whoop-de-friggin-doo. What do I care about white picket fences, SUVs and status quo, anyway?

She also said once that she seen me "driving like a bat out of hell" in the parking lot, and that she was "surprised I didn't run anyone over". Anyone that knows me knows I'm not only careful in parking lots. I'm often slow as HELL, because I'm cautious. Of course, you're talking about a woman who drives like a turtle, and I'm not the only one to say that.

Even on Christmas, half the time we still don't see her, and when we do, she acts like she's in a hurry to leave, so she can get back to entertaining her ritzy friends, whom, I guess, are more important than her family. If she's not there, she usually has someone bring the presents she brought for everyone. Christmas is about more than fucking presents and a dog-and-pony show. I almost don't wanna accept anything from her, but I'm trying not to blow things up too much.

Everything about this woman pisses me off. Her daughter (my cousin), I'm not sure of. From what I hear, last, though, is that she's about to marry a lawyer. Looks like Jill taught her well. lol. The husband's a jackass.

The son is the coolest of the bunch. Down to Earth, nice guy, almost like he comes from a different seed.

Then, my grandma is about a mean old woman. Always with snide comments. It's like she doesn't even know why people don't like her. Always wants something from someone, but can never help anyone else out. It's all about her…even over her own kids. She pits them against one another and gossips like an old hag bitch. She probably drove her last husband to the grave. The poor guy was almost 80. He didn't deserve that.

It's almost like the poor side of our family vs the well-to-do side. It's really annoying at times.

Anyway, I'm just venting. Can anyone relate to any of this?


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