My friend thanked me today for being more tolerant of his hobby… perhaps HIM in general…

What brought THAT on? There I go CHANGING again!
When did that happen?

It is in this new CHOICE …I have the choice not to fix, not to help, but to be of service. Fixing and helping are works of the ego…serving is the work of the soul.
I have become more “tolerant”..

Who am I to judge the path you an your HP have chosen for You?

As long as it doesn't compromise the path mine has laid out for me….it's ALL good! I am learning to mind my own business.

We're may be learning similar life lessons and are just using a different venue to get there anyway. Maybe – maybe not.

Perhaps we have a different HP…OR we are just (higher) powered differently. We share some of the same rules to live by… like neither of our HPs want us to use drugs or drink alcohol.

Having that ONE RULE in common is a beautiful thing. Tht is what AA/NA/CA were all built upon. We find others who share the same rules (guidelines) and being around them is comfortable, wonderful, supportive.

If we are very, very lucky we find people whose inner rules coincide with all of ours and we walk the same path…perhaps we even fins a soulmate if they all seem to mesh…

It is sweet to find those who are on the same path…but even though our paths may differ….we still may very well have the same destination.

Here is where boundaries come into play….

I have rules for me that are different from yours for is not for me to judge yours, but I cannot compromise mine.

If yours tempt me to compromise mine….AND If I am healthy and my boundaries (God's rules for ME) are clear, it is okay to walk away from you for a time or even forever, without judgement or anger.

I don't feel violated….I don't feel guilty….I don't feel a need to change either one of us…I just recognize the difference and ACCEPT that it is too great a difference.

My communication with my Creator has to be such that at ALL times I live by the rules created along with me and specifically for Me, the ones I agreed upon creation to unhold…without compromise.

My JOURNEY in this life seems to be finding out (remembering) what those ARE! And learning to uphold for them.

Boundaries come when someone asks me to compromise ME.

To be able to hold hands with fellow travellers is sweet…to judge their path…for ME at least… is deadly…well, at least very counterproductive.

It is all about honoring and RESPECT…and it starts with SELF respect.

When I live by and don't compromise MY integrity…MY rules for ME…I am honoring myself and then I become HONORABLE.:biggrin:


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