You may have heard these acronums for FEAR.  (sometimes I wish I could spell but oh well).

So one of them is:

F = F*ck

E = Everything

A = And

R = Run


the other is:


F= False

E= Evidence

A= Appering

R= Real



I had fear about going to the oral surgen and getting my wisdom teeth pulled out. 

They are out now!  I'm puffy and a wee bit uncomfortable but not so bad.  But boy did I have it worked out in my head to be something most unpleasent.

I was afraid. So, I talked about it and didn't apologies for my feelings. Then instead of waisting tones of time in fear I was active and did what I could to make myself more comfortable.

Plus did lots and lots of stuff related writing my book, and doing my art!!!

In the past I would have lost days and days and days to just worring. Worry would be 'what I did' and that's what I'm challanging people in my book to look at. When you are really anxious, or fearful, deflective, or deceptive, angry, or depressed, your feelings "can" become what you do, it defines you.

It can becomes a full time job without a pay check.

Gratfully I could feel the fear and live my life at the same time. Right up to the night before the surgery and the morning of. 

You have to know how new this is for me.

Fear could turn me inside out, I would be stuck, unable to do much more than rock in a corner and worry.

Monday night I was taken out for dinner and a trip to the bookstore. I took a run, on a blind person
freindly track Tue. morning before the surgery.

I was not paralised by my fear and worry. Simply amazing. I still had fear
and worry but I had a life too.

The TLC I'm getting is good too, I love the TLC. Flowers from my honey. He's  been changing my icky guase.
And changing out the ice packs on the very sexy neoprien jaw rap (think silent flim tooth ache bandage).

Anyway living with fear is much more rewarding than living for it!


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  1. Rach 12 years ago

    "It's how we deal with the beforehand that makes us who we are"  That's a keeper quote Tony!  I've not always dealt that well before hand, but I am on a big learning curve right now. 

    Here's a quote I'm loving right now:

    “When I dare to be powerful-
    to use my strength in the service of my vision,
    then it becomes less and less important
    whether I am afraid.”

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