Good Morning Family, I am feeling especially grateful and in tune with my Spirit this early morning, so I wanted to share some things with you.  By the way, thank you so much to all who supported me through my last blog.  This morning I am grateful that I was able to wake up in my beautiful, cherrywood sleigh bed underneath my fluffy white down comforter instead of barely 'coming to' in a dirt-filled, rat-infested, dilapidated tool shed on a filthy matress that God knows what or who was on it.  Today I am grateful that I was able to walk in my kitchen and make a cup of cinnamon chai tea instead of waiting for that cell door to pop open so I could go out into the common area to receive whatever slop the county jail was offering that morning.  I am so grateful this morning that I woke up next to my husband instead of some guy I don't know, can't remember his name or what we did the night before.  I am grateful that I know my beautiful 12 year old girl is fast asleep in her comfy bed in the room next to me instead of in a foster home somewhere hidden from me by the system.  I am grateful today because I know I will not have to put a needle in my arm, a pipe to my mouth, a drink in my body.  I am grateful today that my worst addiction (because remember, our disease can always be active, even when clean) seems to be shoes , I can't help it, I really love shoes.  I am grateful for the conscious contact I get to have with God now instead of the contact I had for so many years with the devil and his ways.  N.A. has given me a new life, has shown me how to live that life and sustains me with the steps, the fellowship and with divine guidance.  Thank God for Narcotics Anonymous. 

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  1. vmphoto 13 years ago

    …and I am thankful for you. Your words, your spirit, and your progress in recovery are an inspiration to us all!

    Hugs, Vic

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