Hello to everyone! I am proud to say that after sending out 150 messages one by one to all of you in the BHIVE group a few weeks ago, I asked the webhosts of the tribe websites if it was possible for postings to be sent out to all members in the group and that group creators could have the ability to message everyone in the group at once. The webmasters wrote back and agreed that it would make the sites better and more social; so now everyone in the group can post blogs and communicate through the group!!! We have at least 15 rooms reserved already (and lots of locals who come out each day), even though it seems most people wait till almost a month before to finalize reservations. All of the rooms at the resort have sleeper couches and kitchenettes with ovens and refridgerators. I also learned that a group is coming up from Miami, so we can\'t wait to meet all the new people! This year we will have different colored bracelets for everyone (gay or straight) attending BHIVE and iteneraries for everyone when you are checking at the front desk if you let me know your last name, or you can pick it up with one of our daily hosts in Adherence Corporation T-Shirts. We are also adding 2 "speed dating" event for straight & gay guests, as well as our Sunset memorial, "Everyone gets leid" hawaiian luau, beach olympics and BBQ, and ofcourse the infamous "Guavaween" party in the downtown party district of Tampa known as Ybor City!!! Also, if you are looking for cheap airfare we found a great website for you to look through, its called www.airfaredig.com . Everyday all of us here get more and more excited for everyones arrival and know that it will be a memorable event unlike anything you have ever attended before! So – start blogging on the group site, let others know that you intend on attending. If your looking to share expenses, post a blog looking for a roomie to share expenses. Use the new powers to communicate that our great hosts of the tribe have now given to you! Till then, B aka Romeo.


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