Well yesterday wasn’t good. First my dad screamed (not yelled mind you, but screamed) for me to do my homework. Then my mom yells at me to watch my sister cook (long explaination) which, within the second of my mom yelling my older sister starts yelling at me to watch her cook.

Well I went to start my homework because I knew how to do it (while crying mind you) and my dad starts yelling at my older sister for yelling at me. Then he becomes hypocrite man like usual and comes in and screams at me for not watching my sister cook and so I yelled back that I was doing my homework. It went on for a while and I slammed the door once he left and started crying.

While I was crying I continued to do my homework (which was not easy) and since I was crying and upset I didn’t understand my homework because I couldn’t think right. So this frusterated me and made me feel stupid and useless. Which made me think back to all the comments I’ve been getting form my family lately about how I keep failing year after year and that my sisters have better grades than I do. Even my little sister one time said "Well at least I make better grades than you do!"

So from about 7 to 9 at night I kept crying. I couldn’t stop no matter how hard I tried. FInally I called up my friend Nikki and she calmed me down. I don’t want to be in my house anymore though. My family is just becoming more mean. But I refuse to pass on to my little sister what my family has been doing to me. [What I mean is where my dad yells at my mom who yells at shannon (or both of us) and shannon yells at me. Many would think I would yell at Laura but I refuse to show her what I have to live with.]


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